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We are nuts about old CitroŽns.

We love driving them - and because they are so beautiful we also enjoy drawing them. We've decided to offer these great calligraphic drawings as high quality prints on a range of Custom T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts and Coffee Mugs.

The designs concentrate on simple, elegant images without any clever wording, but if you want us to add your own unique message that's also possible for a small extra cost.

We're a bit old-fashioned and hate walking around with big company branding plastered all over us. So we normally print a small web address on the sleeve - just in case anybody else sees what you're wearing and wants to know more. But we'll print your garment without it if you want.

If you can't find the CitroŽn model you want - tell us what you would like and we'll draw it for you. We'll give you a price, depending on whether it is to be exclusive to you or if we can add it to our stock of drawings.

In fact it doesn't have to be a CitroŽn (or even a car) - we sometimes draw other things as well.

We use excellent heavy quality T-Shirts, which are available in a huge range of colours. The secret is to choose print colours which complement the garment colour.

Some of the colour combinations suggested on this website might seem a bit unusual, but they do look great and some are more subtle than others. If you want something different to these, describe your ideal colours and we'll get as close as we can, and you can decide when you see the visual.

We have no on-line shop; so you can't register with us and then receive all our marketing spam.

All you have to do is e-mail us with your garment type, colour and size, along with your chosen design and print colours (plus any special instructions). We'll e-mail you back with a screen visual to check, and confirmation of the price.

When we know you are happy with what you see, we'll send you a PayPal money request (payable instantly by card or PayPal account). Normally you'll receive your uniquely printed item by post within a couple of weeks of payment, but if it's urgent we'll do our best to meet your deadline.

And because these prints are very bespoke, you might need to talk about something to a real person on the end of a phone. Please call Dan anytime on: 01422-881436 - he can't guarantee to be in, but if you mention id19 and leave a name + land line number he'll get back to you soon as possible.

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